December 13, 2020

I have been tried so many different chin straps, and minor nose procedure, snore clip, teeth device, tapes…Nothing works. I also have TMJ problems, it always gives me pain when I use chin strap. But this one is so amazing. No pain and sound sleep for whole night. This is the only solution for chin strap.
I am a charity director. I need my sleep for all activities in the day time. I will recommend for any one suffer sleep apnea to reach normal life style by using this strap. It is day and night different.

Tina Bow

October 19, 2020

I have been a loyal customer of the Ultimate Chin Strap for a number of years. I found this wonderful product after a long search for something that would address my mouth breathing sleep issue. Nothing compares to the restful sleep I get with the Ultimate Chin Strap, and no one provides the level of customer service offered by Russell and Mary at Sleep Apnea Solutions. I recommend this product and this business without reservation.

JD Simpson
Houston, TX

November 18, 2019, 05:06:50 PM EST

I received the new chin strap and it fits as expected.  I am a little disappointed that it is not a duplicate of my original one, that of a thinner material and smaller in strap size, but it is still by far the most efficient strap I have used in over 15 years.  My original one, and I do mean one…  lased perfectly for those 15 years, the only reason I needed a new one is I left it in a hospital bedding pile and I am sure it was tossed out with the usual trash.  When I show providers the strap, they are amazed and a bit taken aback that it is larger than expected, but it doesn’t feel it.


Monday, August 19, 2019, 04:58:16 PM EDT

I have been using your chin strap for about 10 years. Recently, I could not find you. So I bought one on AMAZON. The elastic strap was way too tight on my head. Yours is way more expensive but worth it…. David age 54, Albuquerque, NM

Sunday, August 11, 2019, 05:28:43 AM EDT


My name is Michael and I’m from Victoria Australia.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with severe OSA. I was prescribed CPAP therapy and was looking forward to the promised changes such as not being sleepy and exhausted all the time. Unfortunately, the journey wasn’t easy as the masks made it difficult to get used to and I kept ripping the hose off during my sleep. I came across Russell’s description of the UCS on YouTube during my research and thought to myself, if it worked for him, it can work for me too.

Not only did I order the UCS but also took to using the Resmed Swift FX, the very same nasal pillows that Russel was using. The nasal pillows coupled with the UCS have made a tremendous difference to my life and health. It has taken a while, but I literally can’t sleep without it. The UCS has stopped me breathing through my mouth enabling the full positive effects of my CPAP therapy to work. I wake up refreshed more than if I do not use the UCS or the machine.

I bought 1 in 2015 and it has lasted through many wash cycles. The UCS from Russell is a high quality product that is well worth the price and will work exactly as advertised with no added hyperbole. I’m hoping it will help you as it did me in getting a refreshing and healthy night’s sleep. I believe in this product and highly recommend it to you and encourage you to use this product. I am buying two more in 2019. The first one I bought has lasted 4 years! Russell and Mary are delightful to deal with, honest and care for your health. Very highly recommended. Thanks Russell and Mary for making a great product.

Michael Nair
Victoria Australia.

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2013, 10:40 PM

Dear Russ and Mary,

First I want to say what a great product you have. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I had to have my CPAP adjusted to 15 because of the air leaking through my mouth. I tried tape and other fixes but none of them worked. I started using your chin strap with my nasal pillows and the dry mouth went away immediately. My next visit
for testing I brought the strap with me. The result was that my pressure could be reduced to 10. Much more comfortable.

Having a good product is one thing, but it won’t keep you in business if you have poor customer service. Mary jumped through hoops to make sure I was satisfied. That’s why I’m on my 3rd strap. It is a bargain if you were to figure out a daily cost.

Highly recommended!
Raymond Cirimele

Like others, I was skeptical due to the price, but after talking with you I went ahead and bought two (I alternate nightly, and when I wash one I have the other still dry). Nothing else worked like your strap. I’d buy more but the ones I have still work great, although they are a bit dingy and worn. But who cares–I’m asleep, and so is my husband!

Rene B.

Hi Russ and Mary,

I reviewed your website for over two years before I gave in and bought your sleep apnea chin strap. Of course I tried everything. The thin neopremes do not work for me. I have used a full face mask too. When I found out that I was opening my mouth while sleep and that it was causing apnea's, I was in disbelief. After being so stubborn over the paying the cost for your sleep apnea chinstrap and finally buying one, the very next morning I woke up and could really answer the question as to whether I felt refreshed! Over the many years on CPAP I could never say that I really woke uprefreshed since my mouth opening apnea's had not been diagnosed properly. That very first next morning wearing your chin strap I could say with enthusiasm that I felt refreshed from my sleep last night.Such a big difference. Damn! Too stubborn and not believing. And I knew you had the 30 day return. I hope my stubborn explanation helps someone else take action because lack of sleep is more than awful. I am not paid in any way for this testimonial. Thank you for your design of a chin strap.

Tim Trainor
California 2012

For the last 5 1/2 years I have been struggling with sleep apnea and acid reflux. Woke up and average of 15 times every night to sip through the straw inside my 20 ounces mug. Not to fill my stomach with water ( will do nothing to aliviate), but to moisten my throat, mouth, gums, teeth, etc!!! With the sleep apnea situation I just thought I was a snorer so never went to the  ulmonologyst until 3 month ago, then a sleep clinic and I was finally diagnose!! Mine is moderate so the pressure in cpap is 8. Use a nose pillow ResMed Swift FX with a ResMed Remstar system one cpap machine. As I collapse my jaw during sleep dryness was terrible so I began using full face mask Mirage Quattro with bad results, air leakage, marks in face, even pain in my face bone structure. So I jumped to Quattro FX, another full face mask with similar results. Went back to the nose pillow and tried three more different chin-strap with no results. Then I bought a baseball cap, cut off the visor, placed two velcro strips in each side (overside burns) and built myself a chin-strap.  in keeping my mouth shut but not my lips. I was disappointed, though big about my own creation but failed.

Began to look for an answer in the internet and then I found sleep apnea solutions and email Russ; next day got a reply and we chat for some time. Russ told me, you try the UCS for a month and if it does not solves your problem return it to me and you will get your refund. I was convinced and went ahead it. Russ told me “Call me in three days”. I did not call him in three days because I was so impressed with the positive results than I wanted to try for more. In ten days I was waking up at night between “ONE” and “THREE” times only. I was dreaming every night after nearly six years with not dreams at all only nightmares, in those ten days I had three erotic dreams that were so thrilling that when I go to bed every night just think how will be the next one (sorry for this but I am telling things as they happened  mostly when you think I am 63 years old!!) I cannot believe than in some of the nights I just woke up “ONCE” as because of my acid reflux I drink a lot of water. I ask to myself how is it possible that huge companies with all the resources they have are not able to create a decent chin-strap and a motivated and inventive person like Russ can??? Why use a full face mask and (if it works for you)breath through you mouth when we all know is not healthy????

I know for personal experience what is to fall asleep while driving, while reading, while watching TV, to feel tired all day. I am sure of one thing: That many others like me are able to sleep properly thanks, in a big part, to Russ and his creation. Thank you very much once more!!!!!!!!

Hope my testimonial helps other sleep apnea sufferers. This are my three pennies, don’t want to extend further.

Be well,

from a born again sleeper from south Florida!

Roberto Sorhegui

Dear Russ and Staff:

First of all, Russ, I want to thank you personally for taking the time to talk with me on the telephone regarding your wonderful Ultimate Chin Strap! After you had answered (with so much patience) all of my questions and concerns so adequately, I felt no doubt in ordering your Ultimate Chinstrap! Then I immediately received the nicest and encouraging follow-up notes from your wonderful staff, Mary Joannidis, Office Manager, and Donna R. from your shipping department. One of my main and immediate concerns was that you would have a chinstrap that would fit my “small” head and stature.

I hope I am not getting too detailed with all of my following comments, but I just want you to know how much this chinstrap means to me after only ONE NIGHT!!!! So, thank you for bearing with me while I tell my story:

I was first diagnosed with sleep apnea 3-1/2 weeks ago; and since then, it has felt like a “wild ride” trying to find a comfortable mask to sleep with! I know that this timeframe doesn’t sound like as much time as a lot of people go through, but, personally, I was just “so desperate” to find something that worked!! I really hoped I would be one of those people who adapted to the mask immediately the first night out, but it didn’t happen! Also, my main problem was continuously “opening my mouth” all during the night and waking up numerous times each night with the most terrible “dry mouth”! My first mask was a nasal mask, but I just couldn’t seem to adapt to it, and I didn’t like the marks all over my face when I would awake the next morning. Also, to me, the plastic just seemed so confining and bulky (especially when I would try to sleep on my side).

A week later, I ran into a friend who had been wearing the nasal “pillow” mask for several years and she highly recommended it; so I returned to Respiratory Services and got fitted with the new “ResMed Swift FX for Her”. I was really pleased with the “lightness” of this mask with the small nasal pillows for your nose…with no plastic mask over the nose! It was much more comfortable and easier to sleep with….only one problem (my mouth still opened numerous times during the night due to an almost suffocating dry cotton feel in my mouth. I immediately went to the “internet” to try to find solutions for my dry mouth problem! Before calling Russ, I had also already tried the chinstrap at the local respiratory store (but it was “one size fits all” only and would not stay on my head during the night as it was too big for my head)…I even tried scotch tape, etc., over the mouth which would work for part of the night, but it would always come loose and leave an awful red rash around my mouth including pulling part of my skin with it!

THEN, I found Russ MacMillan’s site and video at Sleep Apnea Solutions!!

Now to the final leg of my story…Yesterday, I received my Ultimate Chinstrap from Russ (shipped overnight from Russ….THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for the expedient way you handled my order)!!!!! And last night, I slept my first FULL night without waking up during the night, NO DRY MOUTH, no claustrophobia, no restless legs….it was REALLY AWESOME!!! I thank you and my husband also said to be sure to thank you!!!!! (My husband said I slept like a baby last night)!!! Russ, your mask is sooooo soft, so easy to wear, not confining at all. No marks or indentions on my face this morning…I feel refreshed and rested….the first time in a long, long time!! (And, your new “SMALL” chinstrap works perfectly)!!!

I ended up ordering the double mask package…and also the small pillow designed by Russ (which I also have to tell you is AMAZING)!!!! You can tell that Russ MacMillan products were invented by someone who definitely has experienced sleep apnea…THANK YOU, RUSS)!! I just feel so blessed that I happened to come across his website…truly what I personally call another “God thing” occurring in my life!!

Bottom line, I LOVE the ultimate chinstrap invented by Russ MacMillan, and I highly recommend it!!!!!

Victoria Nance


I have been using the Ultimate Chin Strap now for two weeks and I have seeing improvement in the quality and length of my sleep.

I feel I am getting more from the CPAP and the additional oxygen I have been prescribed by my sleep disorders doctor. With the UCS I have actually added at least one more needed hour to my sleeping time.

Thanks for the product, it really works!!!

Jose Pedro Gonzalez

Salt lake City, Utah

To begin, 2 1/2 months into APAP, I quit after fighting MAJOR sinus infections. My ENT Doctor who performed sinus surgery on me a year ago ordered me to stop until cleared up. I think the BIG reason I quit was that my battle with full face masks (5 of them already!) had simply left me frustrated to the point I knew I was done with PAP treatment period. I tried every way I could find to adapt. ENDLESS leaks with FFM of every brand, even Karen’s Padacheek items ultimately failed me. Her products made the misery far more bearable, but using these masks flat tormented me. Bought 3 of the top rated chin straps at cpap.com. Only one of them helped “a little” for a day or 2 then back to the same old nightmare of cheeks puffing up & air blowing out, damned near choking me as I woke up gasping. I bought all these chin straps since I had now also bought 3 new and 2 used new type nasal pillow style masks to try. I have a SEVERE case of claustrophobia due to USMC Combat related “issues” and “experiences”…. There was NO way any full face mask was going to work long term!
OK, so I get the new light & free type of masks (nasal pillows only) and settle into the Swift FX as my favorite. I feel FREE….Only problem is every chin strap I bought failed me one way or the other. My wife even bought me ace bandages to experiment with. Then bought elastic & made me a really NICE one just like the one they sell at cpap.com. By THIS time we are flat broke with my tiny pension and all this that my insurance won’t cover in this short 3 month period. I never intended to get retired at 57 years of age due to injuries & disabilities! So now at 62 years of age it has been a true financial struggle to deal with new found small wages as well as recovery from too many major surgeries to count the past 5 years…Most who have read my experiences here know I also had a heart attack 2 weeks before my 61st birthday. You also may remember it was ME who refused 2 completely different heart surgeries from QUACK Doctors who completely misdiagnosed me. I researched MYSELF to discover I possibly had sleep apnea, got my doctor to order a home sleep study, and confirmed it. THIS is what damaged my heart. THIS is why I have sinus tach ONLY when sleeping. The fact my pulse raced to over 189 beats per minute ONLY while asleep left my doctors wondering WHY???? So they decide on heart Pacemaker surgery? Trust me, it took a lot of courage for me to tell them ALL to drop dead. I fired ALL my Doctors and my entire health “plan”. I begin with an all new team next week on June 2nd for my first visit.
That is the background to how I got here (in brief believe it or not). Now, on this forum I see Russ and his ultimate chin strap a month or so ago, as I am giving up my APAP. Now Russ, please forgive me but I need to make a couple points. And do so honestly…..I looked at this thing and thought, my GOD! This guy is INSANE!!!! Told my wife to look at “this thing”! I actually used it to show her how desperate folks must get out of sheer frustration just to survive this barbaric “treatment”? I had eve tried taping my mouth, tried those tape your chin “strips” too. Now THIS???? No way I want to now look like a mummy and feel all that around my face!

One thing led to another. I had quit for 15 days and was back to sleeping “peacefully” and more importantly, not fearing bedtime again to face all this CRAP! But something else was happening too. I began waking to suffocating, to chest pain, to rapid & racing pulse….I was “dying”….With my wife’s tears, with here worry about losing me, I was a wreck. I was so ready to just “go”…..I am exhausted with this seemingly endless struggle! But I look at her and her tears and decide to try one LAST thing. We both agree. Enter Russ and his terrible looking (to ME anyway) chin strap.
My worries were:

1-It looks like it would literally be painful

2-If I am claustrophobic, you have GOT to be kidding that I could wear this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3-I would bake in this thing here in San Diego area next to Camp Pendleton (USMC Base)

4-It looks too thick? I will suffocate as well as bake?

5-Cost! My GOD is he insane??????????????????

Get this chin strap. What do I find:

1-It is actually not only comfortable, but “COMFORTING”! It is SO soft & quilted like, it seems to “embrace” your face. It’s like the softest caress you can imagine. I am not exaggerating here.

2-To my AMAZEMENT, it is not at ALL claustrophobic. Maybe because it is so soft? It is almost like it “welcomes” you. You have to feel it to understand.

3-So far, the VERY BREATHABLE & soft fabric is FAR cooler than any full face mask I ever wore! This week the temps are mid 80’s and nights around 65-70 degrees. When the night hit 75-80 I am sure I will feel some heat, but this will “absorb” it UNLIKE the neoprene material in my other chin straps….Plus this material does NOT irritate my skin!

4-The thickness is perfect. Somehow it just “works”. It actually feels so good, I love putting it on. Weird I know but the honest truth. It’s kind of like I feel if I race a car on the track with no seat belt or helmet? Hard to put into words, but after 3 nights of PERFECT 8-9 1/2 hours of sleep each night, I can’t imagine sleep without it.

5-Cost…As soon as I opened the package, I understood. After using it this week I NOW ask how he can sell it so cheap? This is simply the nicest product I own in regard to CPAP, PERIOD.

To address a couple other points. I sweat everywhere any of my full face masks touched in a very cold Winter. I have not sweat at all in this chin strap by Russ. I also has major skin irritation with all the whacky materials in all my other chin straps AND even head gear for ALL my masks. NO more with this chin strap. I simply do the following in this order and NOTHING any longer touches my skin to effect it. Also, without feeling at ALL confining, it flat makes my cheeks puffing out with air impossible. It also flat stops ANY air from escaping my mouth and more importantly, does this without ANY discomfort whatsoever. I know it may seem impossible but I was probably the biggest doubter you could find when I saw this.

1-I put on my SweatVac® Ventilator Cap – Red with Black Mesh Top

2- I put on Russ’s Ultimate chin strap

3-Put on my mask

4-Sleep like a baby…..

Russ, THANK you for helping me back to CPAP. Thank you for making this product and I publicly apologize for ANYTHING I may have ever said regarding it out of my ignorance…(but really, it looked hideous to me:-)). This simple yet amazing product may literally saved my life. I hate sounding so melodramatic, but this is my truth. I am back into the best sleep of my life. I don’t have to wake up to my wifes tears anymore and be torn between the guilt of just wanting to die instead of living like this, or wanting to see my wife smile every morning when she and our cats wake up and see that I am alive….This chin strap, as unlikely as it is, is the one SINGLE thing about CPAP that actually is enjoyable. Who woulda thunk……………………

My wife and my cats, AND myself, thank you,


I have been on a CPAP for about 11 months now. I started out on nose pillows but my mouth would not stay closed while I was asleep. My mouth would dry out and wake me up. I tried an elastic chin strap but it did not help. I went to the full face mask and and was never happy with it but put up with it until recently when I decided I had to do something else because I had grown to hate that damn mask. I have been using your Ultimate Chin Strap for about 10 days now and I really like it. I have been able to do away with the full face mask and go back to the nose pillows. Much more comfortable. My mouth stays closed now and I sleep much better. I tried the pillow and like it. I bought it mainly for travel because motels have such sorry pillows. Both the mask and the pillow are worth every penny.


Ralph Weber

My brother had a really bad snoring problem. My mom and I constantly had to wake him up and tell him to stop snoring because it was so loud. I got him the “Ultimate Chin Strap for Snoring” for him to try. At first, he was hesitant since he never even heard of any type of chin strap. But since wearing one while he sleeps, my mom and I can sleep peacefully in our home. We haven’t heard snoring in a month. Plus, I have noticed that he isn’t as tired and restless like before. He would be able to fall asleep anywhere from being tired. Now when I get home, he isn’t even there; he’s out doing things cause he has more energy. I can honestly say, this is one product that actually works. I would highly recommend this to everyone whether if it’s for yourself or a loved one.
Kind Regards,

Donna Ramnath

I purchased the Ultimate Chin Strap three weeks before I got my cpapmachine and mask. I’m glad I did that because I had a chance to try it out and get used to it before using it with the mask. I’ve been on the cpap machine and mask for a couple of days now. The mask is the ResMed Swift FX. The DME person gave me a Respironics Premium Chin Strap to use with the mask. I’m a mouth breather and must have the chin strap. Well, the Respironics just didn’t work. It was just too easy to open my mouth, and I was continuously waking up from the air escaping from my mouth. After a few hours, I switched to the Ultimate Chin Strap, and it was like day and night. This strap works. I finished the night with no problems. The Respironics strap is now put away! I’m amazed, too, at how well I’m doing on the cpap machine: with the new machine and the UCS I slept most of the night with no problems – not bad for only the second night!

Thomas Townsend

I have used you product for months. I now wake up refreshed and feeling well rested. Never have I felt better. Your product should be the project of the year for 2011. Just ordered the pillow, and can’t wait to get it.

Steve G.


Over a year ago, and after 2 heart procedures, I was diagnosed with SA. I have used the nasal pillows since my first sleep test but I have always suffered from of “dry mouth”. I have talked with my Pulmonologist, local medical supply store and searched all over the Internet looking for a functional chin strap to no avail. Then I found the UCS and everything has changed. I have not slept this well in years! The strap is very simple, comfortable, easy to wear and maintain. As a fellow sufferer of SA I cannot thank you enough for your hard work.
Darrell Manley

As a CPAP and chin strap user I always awoke during the night with my mouth as dry as the Sahara desert.  My wife and I attempted to correct this problem, but nothing worked.  I purchased various chin straps from companies that sell supplies for sleep apnea patients and they never worked, I still woke up during the night with dry mouth.  I viewed Russ’s web site and after viewing Russ’s video and demonstration I decided to purchased his unique chin strap.  This chin strap is amazing, the first time I used it, I slept all night and did not experience dry mouth, I highly recommend this chin strap for anyone who has to wear a chin strap and experiences dry mouth.

Vince S.
Lewisville TX

Hi, Russ and Mary — it is a pleasure to tell you of my success with your fine product, the Ultimate Chin Strap.

I ordered your Ultimate Chin Strap for Apnea, after Googling your website and watching your video. I had been diagnosed with severe REM Apnea, but had not yet had the CPAP test in our local Sleep Lab. I
knew, from what I had read, that your product would probably be perfect for me.

So, after it arrived, I wore your Chin Strap at night for a week, while waiting for my Sleep Lab CPAP test night. It immediately cut down on the number of wake-ups during each night — from around three
per night, to just one. No CPAP yet, just your strap — what a difference!

On my Sleep Lab night, the technician fitted me with a CPAP nose mask — my preferred breathing option. When she saw my Ultimate Chin Strap, she was amazed at how completely and comfortably it prevents mouth breathing and air leakage during a CPAP-assisted night.

That night, I had my first complete night’s sleep in over 30-years! My monitoring tech said I kept rushing back down to REM-level sleep most of the night — the dreaming-and-refreshing level. She called it REM
Rebound, and said that an Apnea sufferer like me, when equipped with a CPAP and especially with your chin strap, would often sleep deeply to catch up on the lost nights.

My sleep lab tech said that the CPAP air pressure she recommends, after my test, is easily 33% lower than I would have needed without your strap and with the resulting air leakage from my mouth.

The best part of your product is the design. It easily and completely manages mouth closure during sleep, while the sleeper quickly forgets it is being worn.

The material used in your Ultimate Chin Strap is great — the special Velcro closures are easy to use — and the strap gets even more comfortable with washing. I quickly forget I’m wearing it each night.

I have just ordered a second Ultimate Chin Strap for Apnea as a backup and travel accessory for my RV.

Thank you, Russ MacMillan, for inventing this needed product and making it available to us all.

Please use any part of my comments to promote and publicize your products, Russ and Mary — and thank you so much for your great customer service!

John Cardis
Burley, Idaho

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